Month: August 2020


A flickering lamp could be a challenge especially if you are not an expert with changing the electrical cord.  I have found that it takes a little investigative work to first see what the problem is and then determine how it will be resolved.  Sometimes if you check to see if the bulb is loose, …


Being Frugal

When working on projects around the house, I have found it to be very expensive depending on the project you are working on.  Many times, in my community, there is always someone who would be selling something that you could find useful.  So, repurposing/reusing/recycling someone else’s materials can be a lot less expensive and with …

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Moving into a new home can pose landscaping challenges from the previous owners.  Sometimes they are not maintained, overgrown and down right ugly.  The changing or updating the look outside can be costly and it is a good idea to have an idea of what things cost.  So visit your local nursery to see what …


Trimming Trees Properly

Since this is the first year we are in our home and the property was neglected due to no one living in the home for some time, the landscaping has become overgrown and even the trees were not pruned properly, leaving the trees in some need of good old fashioned tender love and care.  However, …

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