UPDATE: I have “WATER” in the basement!!!


Since the last planned project of putting in a drybed, it is now complete.  It has taken a great amount of thinking this through so it will be effective.  With any project, planning is definitely an asset and even making the project come together properly.  In doing my research, I looked for landscape rocks that someone is trying to get rid of and found different types of rocks to make this visually interesting.  I purchased lime stone from a company who supplies rocks and gravel so I could set a base for the liner to go on top of the limestone.  Then the landscape rocks on top of that and forming them in a way that looks appropriate for the drybed.  It did take a few time of moving the rocks to see if the placement was right.  Then, I used river rock and smaller round stones from 1 – 2 inches for filler.  By placing the rocks around the outside of the area, I was able to put dirt in the middle of these rocks that lined the drybed.  Now some of my plants are able to be planted in this area and hopefully by next spring, it will be perfect.  Lighting was also added to make this area have a lighted walkway for safety at night.  In your next project, take the time to plan it out.  It is always worth the time and energy invested when you “DO IT YOURSELF”.  Have fun and make it a family event if at all possible.




Summertime is a time for thunderstorms and we just had a doozie!!!  I have a 2 gallon watering can and it was full after a thunderstorm recently.  The thunderstorm has torrential down pour of rain while everyone was sleeping and to only wake up to hearing the sump pump working overtime.  So I woke up and headed down stairs to see how things were in the basement.  Sure enough we had water!  I did some investigating to see how bad things were and it seemed to be seepage from the water coming off of the roof at the front of the house.  It must be a few problems with the drain down spouts because the water gushes off the roof because the trough is too full.  It could have also been that we received so much so fast and it had no where to go.  Nevertheless, the water only came in about a 1.5 feet and about 1/2 ” deep.  The water was seeping in directly where the water would have pounced on the ground from the roof.

A week later, we had another storm that had heavy rains but nothing showed up in the basement.  With the water still pouring off the roof like it did last time, I decided to make-shift a dry-bed of rocks and used the garden fabric that was already under the rocks.  The dry-bed seemed to work but I have to come up with a solution that will resolve this permanently.  Of course, calling someone in can cost thousands of dollars and that just is not in the budget.  My brain is working overtime to do something quick and without costing me a fortune.

I have devised a plan that just might work but it will require some creative thinking and physical labour.  I have purchased pond liners and I am going to dig up the ground close to the house where I can then put down the pond liner.  The liners are rubber and will work well but I must also secure it to the foundation so the water does not seep into the basement again.  I am going to purchase some waterproof construction adhesive where I do not need to nail it into the foundation and create more cracks in the foundation.  This just might work.

The rubber liners are 9 feet by 6 feet and my challenge is working around the bushes to make this possible.  If I need to, I can cut the liners down to accommodate the required size.  I also want to put down some limestone underneath to help keep any vegetation from growing.  The reason I want to use limestone is because it filters pollutants and if there is any seepage in the future, the limestone will neutralize acids and treat wastewater should we get water again but I am betting on this not happening with the rubber liner.

Also, once the rubber liner is down and in place, then I can create the dry-bed to filter the water away from the foundation.  I have a sidewalk that is in the way and it may be a challenge because it is interlocking brick.  I may have to dig it up and allow drainage to flow out to the lawn.  This is not going to be a quick project but I am excited about this project.

I have also inquired about having the bushes removed so the bushes do not have to be removed later.  Then, I can do the project properly from the start and I will keep you posted to the stages as they develop.  The biggest challenge is time, since I work 56 hours a week with one day off.  Hopefully, the bushes can be removed before my long weekend coming up and then this will be very efficient in getting the majority of the work done.  Let’s pray this works.  Stay tuned…..!

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