It is barbecue season and I love grilling.  I usually grill throughout the year but especially the Spring, Summer and Autumn.  I had a nice juicy steak ready and seasoned.  I headed to light the barbecue and it would not light.  UGH!!!  Now I have to clean out the burners which means taking apart the front of the grill where the knobs are.  Out comes the tools to take the front panel off so I can get to the burner.

Inside of the burner, spiders love to hide in there.  I have a spider brush which comes in handy.  You can get one at any place that sells barbecues and all the equipment.  Mine has a wooden handle and a very long tight spring with a bristle brush on the end.  Once I removed the knobs and front panel, it was easy to access all the parts I needed to get to.  It does take a little time to do this but afterwards it is usually a sure thing that it was spiders blocking the passage of the propane to fire up the barbecue.

After everything is put back together, make sure everything is ready to go before you fire up the barbecue.  You want to make sure it was just spiders in the burner.  Otherwise, it will be a bigger problem.  I also knew I was not out of propane as I just filled the tank up.  A couple of years ago, I did a whole replacement of the burner and lucked out because the barbecue was about 15 years old but found the proper parts at a local hardware store that is know for having everything.  Now to fire up the barbecue!  I always make sure I can hear the propane release through the grill.  Then I lit the lighter and the sound of “whoosh” erupted.  YES!!  It was lit!!!  Now it is grilling time.  I hope this helps you figure out the problem even if it is a simple one.  Happy grilling!!!

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