New Home Owners – 8 Months In

I have always wanted a “Granny Flat” especially in my retirement which is a few years away.  I only have a daughter and we have always been close.  I am planning ahead and have been thinking of having shared accommodations with my daughter and son-in-law.  Although, I am very independent and love my own space, I recently sold my condo and purchased a home together with my daughter and son-in-law.  This is going to be challenging as we all have strong personalities.

Throughout this process of making our home our own, my daughter (and son-in-law) want to learn and do projects together.    We have been fortunate to be open-minded to these accommodation and making this work. The home was built in the late 60’s, so there are many things that need upgrading.  The home is a 4-level side split which allows us to equally have our own spaces; 2 levels upstairs and 2 levels downstairs separated by a common door.  The upper 2 levels have been finished in the décor of the wallpaper era from back in the 90’s and everything is covered.  The lower 3rd level is equally wallpapered but the basement is unfinished and shared laundry/storage area.  The biggest challenge currently is bringing 2 households together.  I have been on my own for decades and they have been married and on their own for 3.5 years.  We have too much stuff!!!!  Now we are sorting through what is necessary and what is not and keeping in mind that I only have one floor workable for a bedroom and part of my livingroom (in my bedroom), bathroom and half functioning kitchen (more for storage currently)/craft/art room which would have been an extra bedroom in the past.

I am finding it a very big challenge in making all my stuff fit into a confined space and still making it functional.  Downsizing is a gradual process and I must think in terms of “loving it” or “do I need it” or “donate it”.  I am such a sentimental person and find it difficult to part with some things.  I also need to try to get my space in a temporary functioning space and this can really help me make sure that I “love it” enough to keep it or part with the item.  I want to become a person that is a minimalist.  Only keep what is necessary and therefore become a decluttered person in my mind and in my space.  It truly is a constant challenge because I have favourite things and sometimes those things are not used at all but it is a novelty thing, like my Mickey Mouse phone.  It is an actual land line phone and I do still have a land line but it is a voip (voice over internet provider) line.  Well, the challenge continues in the decluttering and minimizing in my space.  So I will keep at it and add or minus the things that are most important to donate respectively and keep you posted throughout the process.  Cheers!!!

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