Moving into a new home can pose landscaping challenges from the previous owners.  Sometimes they are not maintained, overgrown and down right ugly.  The changing or updating the look outside can be costly and it is a good idea to have an idea of what things cost.  So visit your local nursery to see what the cost of the things you like and plan a budget for the project.  It does not have to be right away as good planning is key.  Sometimes you can do it the following year and get the ball rolling for the planning stages.  In the meantime, maybe trimming up the shrubs a little or a lot can help things seem much more esthetic on a temporary level and satisfy the temporary need to change things up.

In the front of our home, we have Japanese Yews, Mug ho Pine and two Wheeping Mulberry Trees and all of them are overgrown.  I looked at the need of what needed to be done first and it was the Japanese Yews.  So, I started to trim the bottom but wanted to make sure the branches I took out were not going to make it look awful.  Take your time to look where the branches go.  I definitely did not want to cut the wrong one so I started at the very bottom.  Each branch, I would pull it down to see exactly what I would be cutting away before I cut it back.  As it turned out, it looked a lot better and the air flow from around the shrubs was much better.

Now it is time to haul the branches away.  I sought some help as I do not have a pickup truck and ended getting a family member to help me out.  This is where it helps to have the equipment to complete the job but again, that is why you have good friends and family to help in this task.

Once everything has been taken away, you will still need to go and clean up the area and then decide what to do next.  I found garden cloth underneath.  I want to remove that but currently, we are experiencing a heatwave and it is probably best to leave it down for now to keep everything cool and it also helps to keep the moisture in the ground for the plants.  So this will be a project for another day when it is cooler.  Happy gardening!

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