Gardening is my passion, my therapy and my reward. I get to see my creativity and how it flourishes. I have perennials mainly but I have planted annuals and a vegetable garden. I love living off the land but our area is small to work with so I have to improvise and also use containers.  I basically want a maintenance free garden and therefore, finding perennials is the best option.

The biggest challenge I have faced since we moved here a year ago, is either working with what has been already here and deciding if we want to keep it or change the whole look all together.  The property has a little leaf linden at the front of the property which is huge and quite a dirty tree and the debris it leaves behind and the suckers protruding everywhere.  The back yard has a beautiful white pine, a flowering crab apple, and a maple tree (which type, I am not sure) and all are healthy and enormous.  The issue going on there is the flowering crab apple is being smothered by the existing maple and walnut trees from the neighbour’s yard.  I will be hiring a professional arborist to groom it so it can have the canopy groomed like an umbrella and under the canopy of the other trees.  The reason I have made this decision of hiring an Arborist is because I do not want to cause disease to any of the trees.  If you hire someone who is not an Arborist, they can cut branches off improperly affecting the health of the trees on you property.   This year the flowering crab apple tree had very little blossoms on it and I am not sure if it was the lack of sunlight/smothering effect.  Either way, it needs a little TLC – tender. love and care.

Another way of planning your garden is to ask family and friends if they have any extra perennials and if they would consider donating to you space.  My own sister is always working on her gardens and will thin out areas that are becoming overgrown.  She has been a great resource for these perennials and this has saved me a lot of money in the past.  Remember to pool your resources.

The other areas that will be challenging are the existing shrubs and other foliage. In these gardens is a couple of Japanese yews, weeping mulberry trees, clematis’, grape vines and hydrangeas. The hydrangeas, I would like to keep but everything else needs to be gone because it is overgrown and not maintained well lacking an artistic flare.  I would also like to add a sitting area for the front of the house where the yews are planted.   Being able to enjoy the entire property is the goal.

I have thought about the blooming times of everything that is planted.  Having colour throughout the entire spring, summer and autumn is key to my happy place.  I love colour and always want to see something blooming.  So make sure you plan the colours well so you reap the rewards.

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