Anytime you are working on a project, be prepared to ask for help.  Help is often a challenge because people don’t want to commit to anything if it interferes with their own time.  You must really know who is going to be there for you and who is not.  Once you have a team to help you out, find out what works best with them in their schedule of when they can give you a hand with your project.  When helping a friend has been executed, they will usually reciprocate the favour.

In my situation, I love gardening but my daughter and son-in-law do not love anything about gardening.  I am not sure why and maybe it is the lack of knowledge and experience. I have yet to have that conversation in depth to find out the question “Why?”.  So, when it comes to any of the gardening, I am pretty much on my own.  However, I would love them to enjoy the rewards and appreciate the journey to get there collectively.  After all, it is their place too.

Make sure you have a vision of what you want to do, whether it is on paper/computer/in you mind, you need something.  Doing your research before will help and then you will know exactly how much help you will need for which ever project you are working on.  You can also find out who is an expert in the area you are working in for the proper help on your project.  Being well prepared is key and not flying by the seat of you pants without a clue in how to do something.

When recruiting, always remember reciprocity.  Showing your friends or workers that you appreciate their help is always rewarding for you and them.  Whether it is having water for hired help or food and drink for friends. Always show your appreciation. They will always remember how you made them feel!!

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