Shrubs be “GONE”!!!

Shrubs be “GONE’!!!    When it comes to trying to groom shrubs that are overgrown, it can be quite the challenge.  It might be a great idea to really think the project through and to try to do some research first before you tackle a big job.   A year ago we bought our home and the whole yard was groomed minimally.  We wanted to have some artistic look to the shrubs and I decided to tackle it one day.

So I took the pruner to the bushes and tried to look at it from an artistic way but the branches never gave me a really great option.  Once I started trimming, the realization was clear that they needed to be removed completely.  Nothing in the world was going to make these Japanese Yews be beautiful.  Knowing a friend who was an arborist, I contacted him to find out when his crew could be coming by to remove the bushes.  I had a list of everything that needed to be removed, so when we walked through the yard, he suggested to have the stumps removed a couple of days later to clear the roots out as well.

I asked my friend if there was a chance that I could have the crew come out before a specific weekend when I would be off.  To no avail, the biggest problems that we encountered was everything is backlogged due to the pandemic.  When you give a suggested date to have the shrubs removed done for, sometimes the company can work their magic and make the job happen.  My friend came through and the job was finished prior to my time off.  The job was a little more than we had intended to spend but we needed to do something about it as soon as possible.  As it turned out, it was well worth it.  Now we are ready to tackle things from a different perspective and a clean slate.  This will be really fun to see where our creativity can take us.


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